The Best Types of Content for LinkedIn

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The Best Types of Content for LinkedIn

Did you know there are over 830 million users on LinkedIn right now? Of those users, 63 million are in decision-making positions. Additionally, 45% of marketers have gained customers through the platform. If you’re not using LinkedIn as a marketing tool, you’re missing out.

Many of my clients ask me what they should be posting on LinkedIn. Long-form blog posts? Short videos? The answer I give them is that, with LinkedIn, the goalposts are constantly shifting in terms of what content performs best on the platform.

Posting the right type of content on LinkedIn is imperative to reaching your ideal audience on LinkedIn and improving your content marketing score. If you want to generate leads, make sales, and boost brand awareness, LinkedIn is the place to be.

But how do you know what you should be posting, and how do companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Forbes have such high content marketing scores? Here’s my advice about the best types of content for LinkedIn.

Native video

For many years, people in the marketing business have been saying that content is king. However, in recent years, video has completely eclipsed social media and is certainly king in content.

Posting native videos on LinkedIn is the best way to get noticed on the platform and gives you the highest chance of having your post distributed into users’ feeds.

Native video refers to the content you share directly on LinkedIn by uploading to a post. Videos shared from other sources, such as YouTube, don’t perform as well on LinkedIn as native video content.

Native video posts earn up to three times more engagement than text posts, and they achieve a click-through rate (CTR) of 1.84%, higher than any other form of display advertising.

Creator mode content

LinkedIn offers users a Creator Mode feature, which allows you to craft content like live streams, newsletters, and audio events. Creator Mode content is super trendy right now.

Recently, there has been an approximate 30% increase in engagement on content created by people with Creator Mode turned on.

Blog posts

Long-form content like blog posts is performing exceptionally well on LinkedIn right now. Usually, longer forms of content provide users with value – something that is essential to getting content marketing right.

Long-form content currently achieves more shares on LinkedIn than any other type of content.

It’s important that you include visuals in your long-form posts rather than posting text alone. Also, ensure you use compelling headlines that grab the attention of users.


Although LinkedIn isn’t a photo-sharing platform like Instagram or Snapchat, using images in your posts is still essential.

LinkedIn posts that contain images have a 98% better comment rate and a 200% higher engagement rate than text-only posts.

If you don’t have any relevant images to share with your posts, consider using free stock images from websites like Pexels to complement your copy.

Posts with visual elements perform better because they are more exciting and gripping than text on its own. You want your content to be eye-catching to be seen.

Engaging content

Asking questions, running polls, or sharing inspirational content on LinkedIn is presently one of the best types of content you can post on LinkedIn.

People naturally want to be heard, and by asking questions, for example, you’re allowing them to voice their opinion.

As you can imagine, posts that ask for participation usually receive higher engagement rates than those that don’t.

An important point to remember

The right content to post on LinkedIn isn’t only about what’s trending right now; it’s also about what’s best for your brand.

For example, sharing gimmicky videos wouldn’t be best if you offer professional legal services. And long-form blog posts are probably irrelevant to your audience if you sell ice cream. The right content is about what makes sense for your brand.

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