LinkedIn Impact Hour

LinkedIn Impact Hour

Marketing Mentoring with Celia Queen Bee of LinkedIn

Clarity + Focus to get you the results you deserve

Welcome to the LinkedIn Impact Hour, an exclusive one-hour session where your LinkedIn struggles transform into triumphs. This laser focused session is your gateway to unlocking LinkedIn’s power.

Who’s This For?

You’re a B2B small business powerhouse, a micro business maven, or an independent consultant wizard. Your LinkedIn profile is already good – but good is the enemy of great. You’re not here to take short-cuts so don’t settle for “good enough.”

What’s the Buzz About?

In just 60 minutes, we delve into your LinkedIn challenges. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. To make the most of this session, you’ll need to identify your key challenge. Is it engagement, leads, or branding? You tell us, we tailor.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • A quick analysis of your current LinkedIn situation
  • Personalised tips and tricks to optimise your profile and content for maximum impact
  • Guidance on navigating LinkedIn’s features like a pro (no more aimless clicking, I promise)
  • Insights into paid options and whether they’re a good fit for your biz
  • Clear steps to implement right after our session (no fluff, just results)

What You Won’t Find Here

New to LinkedIn? Still figuring out the difference between a connection and a follow? This isn’t the playground for beginners. We’re here to optimise, not to start from scratch.

The Outcome

Imagine leaving the session with a transformed LinkedIn strategy, buzzing with new ideas, and clear guidance to enhance your professional presence. It’s not just about being on LinkedIn; it’s about amplifying your impact.

Let’s get started! 

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