5 Reasons Why You Need a Company Page on LinkedIn

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Company Page on LinkedIn

Did you know that 52% of buyers say that LinkedIn is the most influential channel for researching their purchase? There’s no denying that it’s important to market yourself and your brand on social media, but have you considered including LinkedIn in your marketing strategy?

Having a LinkedIn company page means you could reach more than 800 million active monthly users, which is not the kind of exposure you can afford to miss out on.

If you’re not sure having a LinkedIn company page is the right move for you, let me tell you the top reasons I give my clients as to why they should start one.

#1: Improve your discoverability

Did you know that LinkedIn company pages rank on search engine results pages (SERPs) as any other website would? Having a company page on LinkedIn gives your brand a further opportunity to be discovered other than just your website.

People who use search engines like Google can find your brand via your LinkedIn search result when they are searching for products, services, or brands related to yours.

#2: Measure your marketing

How effective is your marketing message if you can’t measure it? When you post to a personal profile on LinkedIn, the only metric you have available to measure the success of a post is impressions, which is the number of users who have viewed the post.

On the other hand, when you post a LinkedIn company page, you get access to a suite of analytics that gives you insight into how your post is performing.

Analytics tell you what is working well and what isn’t, giving you tangible information to work from when building your marketing plan.

#3: Let your employees be your brand ambassadors

With LinkedIn being such a popular platform, it’s quite possible that many of your employees have LinkedIn profiles. When users connect their profiles to your company page in the experience section of their profiles, they automatically become attached to your brand.

Often, you don’t need to say much to get your brand out there when your employees can do the talking for you. A LinkedIn company page allows your employees to be ambassadors for your brand and gives you additional online visibility.

When you publish a post on LinkedIn, you can notify all the employees connected to your page to share the update themselves. No other social media platform allows you to notify your biggest fans that you’ve posted a share-worthy update.

#4: Build an engaged community

While every social media network includes some functionality that allows you to build an audience, none of them gives you the opportunity to build a community of like-minded professionals like LinkedIn company pages do.

Your LinkedIn company page is where you can build a community of engaged users who are interested in your business, updates, and job opportunities. Users can connect and collaborate with you far more extensively than if you only had a personal profile on LinkedIn.

#5: Utilise showcase pages in your marketing strategy

LinkedIn gives you an extra opportunity to promote your brand with showcase pages. If your brand has multiple products and services you want to share information about or have a particular micro-community you want to engage with, showcase pages are the perfect way to do so.

Your company page acts as a landing page that promotes your business in general, and showcase pages act as additional pages to show off specific products or services or keep a particular audience up to date. I have been a LinkedIn marketing specialist for over 14 years, and, in that time, I’ve learned just how powerful company pages can be. I’d love to share my top marketing strategies for LinkedIn with you – visit my website to take part in my LinkedIn challenges and sign up for my training programme to ace your LinkedIn marketing.